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Top page

Sign up / sign in

From here, you can "Sign Up and Sign In".
Once you sign up, the sleep records you register with OneThird will be stored in the cloud.
If you sign in with the same account from another device, such as a new model, you can continue to use the data.

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Email address and password

Sign up with your email address and password.

top sign up with email

Google account

Sign up with your Google account.

top sign up with google

Facebook account

Sign up with your Facebook account.

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Twitter account

Sign up with your Twitter account.

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Automatic login

If you quit OneThird while signed in last time, it will sign in automatically the next time you start it.

Use without signing in

If you use OneThird without signing in, your sleep records will be stored on your device.
The same data cannot be used if you change the model or from another device.
You can sign up later and upload the data you have saved on your device. (See "Data Uploading.")

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Main page

Most recent average sleep time

Displays the most recent average sleep time.
The display time can be selected and switched between "7 days", "30 days", and "1 year".

main average time

View records

Tap this button to go to the list page of saved sleep records.

main to list page button


Tap this button to go to the sleep record registration page.

main button to entry page

list page

Select the time period to display.

Displays sleep records in one-month units.
Switch the data to be displayed by selecting the corresponding month from the selection list.

select month

Create a new one

Click the "+" button in the upper right corner to go to the registration page.

to create page


Tap the sleep record you want to edit to go to the edit page.

to edit page


Press and hold the sleep record you want to delete.
Tap to delete the corresponding data.

delete record

Registration page

Select a date.

Select the date to record.

select target date

Choose your bedtime

Select your bedtime.
(The time set by default can be changed in the user settings.)

select sleep time

Select your wake-up time

Select your wake-up time.
(The time set by default can be changed in the user settings.)

select wake up time

Select a sleep evaluation

You can register your sleep evaluation in 5 levels.

select rating

Write a note

You can record a memo with up to 150 characters.


Configuration page

User settings

Go to the User Settings page.

user settings

View ad

Go to the page that displays the advertisement.


Sign in / Sign out

If you are signed in, "Sign out" will be displayed.
Tap to sign out.

sign out

Also, if you are signed out, "Sign In" will appear.
Tap to go to the sign-in page.

sign in

About OneThird

Go to the page about OneThird.

about page

User Settings Page

Setting the default value

Set the default values for "Bedtime" and "Wakeup time" when registering a new sleep record.

settings default values

Data Uploading

The button will be enabled when you sign in.
Upload sleep records stored on the device to the cloud.
Once uploaded, the data will be deleted from the device.

upload data

Change Password

The button will be enabled when you sign in.
For accounts signed up with an email address, you can change the password required to sign in.

upload data

Data Uploading

The button will be enabled when you sign in.
You can delete the account you registered in the sign-up process.
Sleep records stored on the server along with your account will also be deleted.

upload data

Ad page

An advertisement will be displayed when you transition to this page or tap the button.
The revenue from the ads will be used to pay for the use of the cloud server.

display ad

About the App Page


The currently installed version of OneThird.


Privacy policy

Open the Privacy Policy page. (This will launch your browser.)

privacy policy


Open the help page. (Your browser will be launched.)