OneThird's Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


This privacy policy shows the policy that this application complies with when handling the personal information of the users of this application (Hereinafter referred to as "users.) or similar information in the various services of the smartphone application "OneThird". (Hereinafter referred to as "this Application".)


Basic Policy


This application recognizes the importance of personal information and considers the protection of personal information to be a social responsibility, and complies with laws and regulations regarding personal information, and appropriately acquires, uses, and manages personal information handled by this application. The information collected in this application will be handled appropriately within the scope of the purpose of use.


Scope of application


This Privacy Policy applies only to this application.


Collection and purpose of personal information


Collection of personal information through user authentication


This application collects the following information for the purpose of user authentication.


  • If you sign up to create an account and use this application, we will collect your username, email address, and password.
  • サインアップによりアカウントを作成して当アプリを使用する場合、ユーザ名、メールアドレスおよびパスワードを取得します。
  • When using this application by signing in with an SNS account, the user name and SNS service name will be obtained.
  • SNSアカウントによるサインインを行い当アプリを使用する場合、ユーザ名、SNSサービス名を取得します。
  • Personal information obtained through sign-up will be used only for authentication when users sign in.
  • サインアップにより取得した個人情報は、利用者がサインインする際の認証のみに使用します。
  • Personal information obtained through sign-up will expire until the user deletes the account in the app or until five years have passed since the last sign-in.
  • サインアップにより取得した個人情報の期限は、ユーザがアプリ内でアカウントの削除を行うまで、または最終サインインから5年を経過するまでとなります。

Collection of personal information through the distribution of advertisements


This application uses Google Ads and Google Admob for ad serving.
In this application, the following ad-serving companies may automatically acquire user information for the purpose of ad distribution.
For information on the information to be acquired, the purpose of use, and provision to third parties, please refer to the link to the application privacy policy of the following ad-serving companies.

アプリは、広告配信のためにGoogle 広告、Google Admobを使用しています。

Google Ad Policy

Google 広告に関するポリシー

Changes to the Privacy Policy


In addition to complying with the Japanese laws and regulations applicable to personal information, this app will review and improve the contents of this privacy policy from time to time. The revised and updated privacy policy will always be disclosed on this page.


For inquiries, please contact


E-mail address: info★neputa-factory.net (Please change ★ to @)

メールアドレス:info★neputa-factory.net (★を@に変えてください)

February 1, 2021 Formulation

2021年2月1日 策定